lunes, julio 13, 2009


Y quiero GRITAR, pero en voz baja...

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Sá* dijo...

puedo... gritar en voz baja contigo? ^^


Dominus dijo...

hey girl!!!
puedo gritar con ustedes también?? =)

i am here again! sorry girl, I speak only Portuguese,,, and something of English...
no French =(

how are things going there in Madrid?
I'm from Santa Catarina, Brazil!

I love music too!! I like, Oasis, Foo Figthers, Kings of Leon, Lacuna Coil, Metallica... and a very, very long etc... too hhehehhe!

I play guitar and going for the pubs in her,,,, what you do there in spain?!?

I loved the sound that plays in your blog of boston, I download it.. hehehehhe!! \o/

I will go now! take care over there!!
see you girl... kiss =) .....Ramon